Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Great Northern: Cherry Pie Sample Complete!

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I wanted to share with you all my recently completed sample of Cherry Pie.

This is a sweater that will be part of Great Northern.
It's drawn from the great, cozy colourwork sweaters worn by the Log Lady on Twin Peaks, and is done in LOVELY Rain City Knits yarn.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Kat; And, I Write a Crop Top Manifesto

Don't doubt my love of crop tops and my determination to make them season-spanning.

Witness Kat!

Blue Sky Alpaca Sport, 100% baby alpaca, 110 y / 100 m per hank, Natural 6 (6, 7, 7, 8, 8) hanks

3.25 mm (US 3) or size to obtain gauge

22 sts and 26 rows = 4” / 10 cm in stockinette

Waist size 24 (26, 30, 34, 38, 42)” / 60 (66, 76, 86, 96.5, 106.5) cm
Choose the size that is within +/- 2” / 5 cm of your actual waist measurement. Kat is designed to have approximately 0” / 0 cm of ease at

This fun little sweater is knit from side-to-side and features a boat neckline, mesh, drapey sleeves, short rows to gently shape the waist, and rolled hems (perfect for that 100% alpaca fibre!)

I've styled Kat in a number of ways that you can check out on its Ravelry page. Personally, my favourite way to wear it ss what you see above. (Though I do quite like it with a high-waisted pencil skirt too).

This sweater is so lovely as a light fall layer. The mesh means you're likely going to want to wear a cami beneath it; the elbow-length sleeves mean you won't have extra bulk, but will have extra warmth when you throw on that jacket and head outdoors.

My Crop Top Manifesto
If I ever impart anything on any of you dear readers, I hope it is this: wear what you want.

Something's not your style? That's cool!

But if in your heart you want to wear something, but are held back by fear of other people's judgement, please consider embracing your fashion desires. It's such a bummer that we let our joy get squashed by societal dictation.

My vociferous crop top love is my own statement of embracing that joy. I know it's super subjective: I'm sure there's LOADS of people who don't care and wouldn't bat an eye, but my internal dialogue was "you can't wear that for X, Y, Z negative body-shame reasons!" and the my heart would say"... but I wanna! I'm not hurting anyone!"

The rest of this post is me giving you the joys of embracing this style if, in your fashion heart, you really want to:

  • crop tops are fantastic with high waisted skirts! (you don't have to show any more skin with a crop top than with any other sweater
  • crop tops can be fitted (like Kat), or have plenty of room! Let your taste dictate. The knitting pattern world has choice for you!
  • crop tops are FASTER to knit because, of course, they're smaller!
  • crop tops also take less yarn; have too many hanks for a cowl, but not enough for a full length sweater?! Crop tops are your answer!

Monday, October 05, 2015

Great Northern: Twin Peaks Buying Guide for the Crafty Individual

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Love Twin Peaks?
Know someone who does?

The internet is full of cool Twin Peaks-themed gift ideas for the crafty or crafty-admirers. Here's just a few.

©Bridgeen Gillespie
Spoonflower is filled with cool fabric designs. But people, check this out. A whole LINE of fabrics inspired by Twin Peaks. The designer, Bridgeen Gillespie, is an artist, writer, and "erstwhile comic book creator" who blogs over at Geen Geenie.
She creates other things inspired by Twin Peaks, including this cool embroidery portrait of Audrey.

image: A selection of fabrics from her spoonflower shop ranging in price from $17.50-$38 USD / yd.

©Melissa Jilk
This entire etsy shop is filled with Twin Peaks jewellery and embroidery. In fact, one lucky backer can get this very necklace if you select that incentive in our Kickstarter!

image: Cooper's Favorite Things, $20 USD

© Kate Rowland
This shop has a section devoted entirely to Twin Peaks items. Products include brooches, earrings, and necklaces.
image: Twin Peaks Brooch, $12.84 USD

This is the online shop for the Welcome To Twin Peaks website. Items include a cool "Great Northern" wood keychain, t shirts, and "Directed by David Lynch" stickers.
You can also see their own Twin Peaks gift guide on their website, where there's a wide array of types of gifts listed.

© Bunny Miele
Stocked with hand drawn illustrations based on Twin Peaks, this shop includes items from patches to pins to stickers and prints. FYI, she's also got some cool X Files pieces too!
image: Lucy Moran Print, $8.00 USD

© Jenni's Prints
With an entire section devoted to Twin Peaks, this shop offers you an array of badges, pins, postcards, and sew-on patches. You can see one of my favourites above.
image: Twin Peaks inspired Sheriff Department Iron-on Badge, $10.00 USD

CSDye Yarn
This handdyer has colourways named after the show.
See them above:
image: Wrapped in Plastic (left) and This Cherry Pie is a Miracle (right), $22.00 USD each

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Cozy Fall Light

It's like the weather knew it was October, and I expect to be able to wear my knits.

As if by magic, on October 1, the temperatures dipped right down and now we're in the midst of a real fall feeling. So I'm very glad to announce that a collaboration between myself, Holly Priestley, and Kirsten Singer has just been released!

Cozy Fall Light is about those first light layers you want to put on at this time of year.
That's the cue each of us took for our pattern in this collection.

You can purchase each individually, or all three together.

More to come about my own contribution, Kat, tomorrow!

Saturday, October 03, 2015

More Great Northern Incentives!

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Check out these goodies!

Yarn Lot 1
You get:
Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky
Rowan Fine Art
Shibui Scaccato
Lang Mille Colori
Lopi Einband
AND the print and digital collection of Great Northern!

Yarn Lot 2
 You get:
Dream in Color Classy
Rain City Knits Worsted (2 hanks!)
Louisa Harding Grace
Hand dyed (approx 200 metres)
AND the print and digital collection of Great Northern!

Vintage Accessory Patterns
You get:
Accent on Accessories, 1953 (14 page booklet)
Socks by Beehive, c. 1960s (22 page booklet)
Socks for Men, 1979, (18 page booklet)
AND the print and digital collection of Great Northern!

Vintage Kids and Baby Patterns
 You get:
 Pre-School Fashions c. 1960s (22 page booklet)
Children's Choice c. 1960s (22 page booklet)
Baby Book c. 1960s (50 page booklet)
AND the print and digital collection of Great Northern!

1923 Vintage Book
You get:
a 62 page pattern booklet (without a cover) from 1923
AND the print and digital collection of Great Northern!

Knit Picks  
You get:
Sock Yarn Scarves
Twist and Tweed
AND the print and digital collection of Great Northern!

To pick up any of these goodies just head over to the Great Northern Kickstarter!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Knitscene Winter 2015: Northern Hat

I mentioned last week that I had the great pleasure to write the designer profile in the recent issue of Knitscene, Winter 2015.

I've also been lucky enough to have a new pattern published in this same issue as well!

© Knitscene/Harper Point Photography

It's the Northern Hat.
It comes in three sizes: 19, 21, and 23" head circumference.
It also features some fantastic deep ribbing so you can double up on the rim, and attractive texture and colourwork chevrons. It's a pretty traditionally shaped hat, with a fun bit of contemporary pop with twisted stitches outlining those colourful chevrons.

This is totally a quick knit! Worked in two pieces, it's ideal for using up small scraps of lovely yarn; get creative with those chevron colours!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Great Northern: Twin Peaks Inspires

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Twin Peaks is a television show that is complex, with layered meanings and messages communicated through symbols and stories that have seeped in to our popular culture.

Today I want to give you a peek into the wide world of making that Twin Peaks has inspired.


©Tracy Tomei

©Tracy Tomei

©Seas and Peas, LLC

©Emma Munger

Andy Brennan
Emma Munger
Shop on society6
Shop on BigCartel

©Arthur's Plaid Pants

I'd just like to point out the awesome humour of this seller.
One of the listed materials is "not bob".

©Pet Zombie Creations

©Emily Morris